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Jessica Cox, a primeira piloto de avião sem braços da história da Aviação. O lema de Jessica:

"Nunca deixe o medo cruzar o caminho das tuas oportunidades."

 Leiam a reportagem abaixo em Inglês:

Armless Fil-Am pilot in Philippines


Jessica Cox, a motivational speaker, prepares for takeoff in an Erocoupe plane.

MANILA, Philippines. The first woman pilot in aviation history without arms, Filipino-American Jessica Cox, is in the country to tell her story.

According to an earlier story provided by Filamstar´s Jun Medina, Jessica, who was born without arms can do anything with her legs and flies airplanes, plays piano, martial arts.

While she admits it was not easy, Jessica said she is guided by her favorite words of wisdom: Never let fear get in the way of our opportunity.

The middle child to a retired music teacher William Cox and mother from Samar, nurse Inez Macabare, Jessica was treated like any ordinary kid. She also participated in many activities like swimming, gymnastics, and tap dancing.

At age 10, she was introduced to Tae-Kwon-do by her parents to enhance her self confidence.

At the age of 14, she earned her first black belt at the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation. In college, she resumed her interest in martial arts, joined the American Tae Kwon-Do Association and secured a second black belt. She is the first woman without arms to achieve that feat in the United States.

Jessica has a degree in psychology from the University of Arizona and is now a recognized motivational speaker.

Now in the country for two weeks, she said she hopes that she can inspire Filipinos to do more than what she has done.

Jessica said, flying has taught her the true meaning of determination and persistence. Due to airplane logistics, it not only took me three years to do what some people could accomplish in six months but it also required four Ercoupes, three certified flight instructors, 89 hours of flight training in three different states (Florida, California, and Arizona) to become the first person to be certified to fly an airplane with only my feet.?

The light plane she flies is called an Ercoupe (pronounced air-coupe) and it is one of the few airplanes to be made and certified without pedals, allowing Jessica to use her feet as hands. It took her three years instead of the usual six months to complete her lightweight aircraft license. She had three flying instructors and she logged 89 hours of flying to get the license.

Jessica said she is thankful to God for allowing her to do the things she has accomplished.
It feels great being told by people that my life experiences have somehow inspired them. It´s really cool, and it motivates me to keep going, she enthused.

Source: Inquirer Global Nation / Philippine 

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